Painting happens for me much as music does. In both endeavors there is at first an impulse to build, make, create. Then there is the attraction to the site, or melody. I begin. The first color hits the canvas, the first note sounds. Immediately I am responding to my subject and what is happening on the canvas, or to what the musicians around me and I are playing. When making music or paintings I am transfixed by these two equally compelling realities: the one that I see or hear, and the one that I am constructing. Dancing between the world that I perceive and the one that I am building is what continues to excite me.
David B. Keuter, Santa Cruz, California

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Contact David at, 831-239-7493.

David painting in the Berkeley Hills
David painting in the Berkeley Hills
Photo © 2007 Jeff Banks

David is married to the artist Salal Moon Rinaldo, whose artwork may be seen at